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3D Images in Office 365

Similar to the 3D Viewer, desktop versions of Office 365 on Windows 10 (Not web browser versions) can have 3D models added to them, where you can manipulate them in 3D to show a particular perspective that you want. This gives you many more options, and could be used to show particular parts of the 3D model, such as medical models.

To insert and image, select ‘Insert’, then ‘3D Models’. If you have a specific 3D model downloaded, you can select ‘This Device’. If you just want to use a 3D model included with Windows, then select ‘Stock 3D Model’.

This will bring up the 3D model library which is exactly the same as the 3D Viewer. Select the model that you want to insert and click ‘Insert’.

Once it is inserted, you can manipulate the image in the normal ways (make larger or smaller), but there is also another option in the middle. You can click on this and drag it around, and the object will rotate to another position.

There are no other considerations necessary, it will now just act like a 2D image. Just be warned it cannot be changed or manipulated in web browser versions of Word, but it will just appear as a 2D image instead.