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H5P – Interactive Learning Content Tool


  • Create a variety of engaging, interactive learning resources
  • Completely free
  • No additional software needed for students – All through the browser

What is H5P?

H5P is short for ‘HTML5 Package’. It enables educators to create a variety of content which can include interactive videos, quizzes and presentations. You can create this content online or using a desktop application. An example of an interactive video is shown below:

There are many more types of content you can create for H5P. More examples are available here:

Creating Resources with H5P

To create resources with H5P you need to use the H5P Editor. On newer Learning Management Systems (LMS) this is done through the browser. Then you can follow these tutorials to get started:

As of early 2022, you cannot make H5P Resources directly on our current version of Blackboard.

To create resources you need to download a separate free program called ‘Lumi’. Note that any H5P resources created now are almost guaranteed to work on any future LMS, so if you want to give it a go now you can reuse these resources later, just ensure you keep the H5P file safe.

Creating Resources for Blackboard (2022)

To create H5P resources for Blackboard, you need to download and install some software called ‘Lumi’. Its recommended to download it through the Windows Store, and it is completely free.

Once downloaded and installed, run Lumi and you will see a page like this.

Click on ‘Start’ for the H5P Editor.

The next thing to do is click ‘Create new H5P’. You can also open an existing one here if you wish.

Once you have created a new H5P resource, you will see the H5P Hub. This is the editor in which you will create the content.

You can search and select the content type here, you can also preview the content type by clicking on the name of the content and then clicking ‘Content Demo’.

If you haven’t used a content type before you might need to ‘install’ it as shown with these Flashcards. This will just download the files needed to be able to create these resources, and won’t take very long.

To know how to create the specific resources, look at the Content Authoring tutorials from the H5P makers themselves:

Saving H5P Files

Go to the top left of Lumi and select ‘File’, then Save.

Then you can save the file anywhere and load it up at a later date if you want to update it or change aspects of it.

Exporting to Blackboard

To upload to Blackboard we need to turn this H5P resource into a ‘SCORM Package’, and to do this you select ‘File’, then ‘Export, and the following screen will appear.

Select SCORM Package and click Export Now. This will export the package as a ZIP file that can then be uploaded to Blackboard.

On Blackboard, go to the area where you want to upload the H5P Package. Click ‘Build Content’ and then select Content Package (SCORM).

Select the zip file that was exported, and click ‘Submit’.

This will open a new window that lets you give the package a Title and Description, as well as other settings.

We want to make the SCORM available, this is so students will be able to see it, and we also want to give them unlimited attempts. Because Blackboard doesn’t fully support displaying grades from H5P resources, you shouldn’t use it as a replacement for Phase Testing using Blackboards quiz system, therefore unlimited attempts should always be selected.

We also don’t need to mark the quiz too and display it in the grade centre, as its purely for the student to test their own knowledge. This doesn’t seem to be well supported either on this version of Blackboard, so its not worth trying yet. Once that is all done, click ‘Submit’.

The Example Quiz will now be displayed as an item in the list of content. If you click on the content, it will probably show the following window

Simply click ‘Launch Course’ and it will show the content in a new Window. Once the student closes down that Window, it will return them to the original screen.