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Paint 3D

Microsoft Paint 3D is the successor to the older Microsoft Paint software that was included in all previous versions of Windows. Its a completely free image editor, but also features some 3D functionality where you can create 3D models, or create 2D images by placing 3D models into the scene.

The 3D model part of the software requires much more background knowledge, therefore this guide will focus on just 2D aspects of the software.

2D Images in Paint 3D

Paint 3D doesn’t just produce 3D models, it can also produce images in 2D that can be assembled by placing 3D models into the scene. It also can just include a series of text and images, much like the older versions of Paint. This video is a good guide to quickly get started.

3D in Paint 3D

If you’re really interested in making your own 3D models in Paint 3D, this is more complex. To get started, watching the below video will recap some of the things mentioned in the other video, but also touch on some more aspects of making 3D models in Paint.