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Panopto Quiz

Making Panopto Video Quizzes

Quizzes can engage users by allowing a small form of two way interaction, this allows them to also test their knowledge and verify understanding as the presentation progresses.

In the Panopto editor, on the presentation you’d like to add the quiz to, click on the timeline where you want the quiz to appear and a red line will appear where this is.

Then click ‘Quizzes’ on the left hand side of the screen, and click ‘Add a Quiz’

The top of the quiz is where the quiz name goes, and then you can enter in a question text. On the right of the Question is the ‘Question Type’, here it’s just True or False. You can then select what is the correct answer, and you can optionally enter in an explanation if the person gets the correct answer.

The quiz can have multiple questions: You can either click ‘Add a Question’ or you can click ‘Done’ to complete the quiz.

When you’ve added all the questions to the quiz that you want and you click ‘Done’, you can choose some more options including the order that the questions appear.

Once you’ve selected the options you want, click ‘Finish’. The presentation will now stop and show the Quiz when it’s watched.

Adding a YouTube video to Panopto

Sometimes you might want to use an external resource for a user to look at. These will interrupt the presentation and the user will see the video between the times you specify, and will automatically continue your presentation when it gets to the end of the video.

This is great for embedding YouTube videos which are relevant to what is being discussed, but you can also specify what times of the video you want to show, so if there is only a short section to illustrate your point, or you want to discuss a particular video in the presentation, this is the way to do it.

Firstly click on the location you want to add the video, and go onto the contents section of your presentation.

Click the YouTube button icon, and a new menu will appear. Enter in all the details you want to, the Start and End times are optional. Then click ‘Done’ when that’s complete.